Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Rhino poaching is a white issue"

Just had an interesting twitter debate with Kay Sexwale (niece of Tokyo) about the value of protecting rhino for the well-being of our broader wildlife economy. Sadly, irrational Kay and her followers think rhino poaching is a white problem and has little to do with maintaining the R186 billion tourism supplied into the South African economy in 2012. I grow more disillusioned by the day by the lack of sustainable thinking and the integral role that protecting our natural resources and heritage means for the majority of rural economies that do not have other industrial sectors to depend on for their livelihoods. Perhaps the prevailing bias will only be shaken when our ecotourism industry collapses and millions of economic refugees make their way to the troubled mines or urban centres in search of work. Read the whole sad state of affairs  on my twitter feed @africanscribe